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Sport Projects/Erasmus+ via Euricon by EAC Brussels 2016-2018


MATCH Social Inclusion Opportunities:

  • is a 2 year (2017-2018) Collaborative Partnerships project co-funded under the Erasmus+ programme, intending to enchance social inclusion and equal opportunities for refugees and disadvantaged young people by fostering and increasing participation in sport activities.
  • MATCH will create a constructive dialogue between these different soical groups and professionals working in the field of youth and sport, driving a change towards an inclusive system by reinforcing the idea of sport as a tool for social inclusion and raising awareness of its potential
  • Six participating countries (Italy, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzogovina, Greece, Spain and the Netherlands) will develop and implement a range of activities including training courses at transnational and local level, renovation of public spaces of sport, youth sport tournaments and Antiracist festivals.


Facebook: MATCH EU-Project


Practice Sport activity Trainingcourse Palermo July 2017Team volunteers Intern Trainingcourse Palermo July 2017MATCH blue orange


IMPACTS Project: to Inspire and Motivate Physically disabled Athletes to enter into Coaching and Training careers in Sports;

  • A two year (2016-2017) Collaborative Partnerships project co-funded under the Erasmus+ programme, intending to provide stepping stones to mainstream disabled athletes into coaching and training positions.
  • The image of diabled athletes and courses improves via empowering disabled athletes.
  • IMPACTS project found out that there should be more awareness and knowledge of the possibilities disabled athletes have in sport coaching and training. There is a lack of good access to sports accommodations. 
  • The most important thing the IMPACTS project found out that all education and courses to become a trainer/coach are focused on Technique and Tactique of the sport, but not on soft skills of "Coaching". 
  • IMPACTS collected "best practice" of several coaches, developed a pilot based on those "best practice" and wrote a report and an article of the results. All collected in a handbook, which is available digital.
  • Six participating partners of five countries (CSC-Italy, MEH-UK, HU-Turkey, SPON-Poland, SPGN-Netherlands and Euricon-Netherlands) worked together on this project.


Facebook: Impacts


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